Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh Those Fingers and Toes...

Bella, Fia and I went and got our toes done the other day at the nail salon. I had taken Ashlynn a little while before that and when they saw her cute toes (painted with snowflakes), they wanted to go too. The picture below cannot even capture how adorable Fia's little toes were. The women at the nail place kept oohhing and awwing over her. She was sitting so still and kept looking at her toes - she could not have been more cute. Bella decided that she wanted her fingernails done instead, and her nails were also VERY cute. She was sitting at the table like she just came in and had her nails done all the time. When she was sitting at the table waiting for them to dry, she was very still and watching everyone - the girls were just SO cute. Fia's cute-y, cute little toes...she has butterflies on her big toes.
Bella's pretty fingernails - she has a flower on each thumb.

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